A dealer can get access to our absolutely lowest pricing By joining our dealer program you’ll get access to our lowest pricing offers on every item we sell!

Order Quantities

After you place your introductory $750.00 minimum order, you will be in new world for life time because we will accept the custom requirements and custom quantities to support you and stay in the market whether you need single piece for your honorable customer or rider.

Free shipping options

Our wholesale dealers who buys in bulk we offer them to receive the free shipping promotions for samples to test them .We never charge our wholesale bulk dealers extra for shipping costs. You can enjoy the great support on the behalf of Asad and Sons.

Special items what we never offered on our website

You can get unique range, Professional tack range, or luxury tack range or other brand’s item that isn’t on our web site but in our tack range. We have the ability to make also any style for the whole tack you need just give us a call to speak to one of our customer service representatives and place your order with your dealership number. This is a great option for dealers who are looking for a special product we don’t directly offer on our website.