Horse Bits Sizes and Measurements


Horse bits sizes and measurements by taking the distance between the two bits ring in either centimeters or inches:

Inches Centimeters
3 7.5
3.5 9
4 10
4 1\4 10.5
4 1\2 11.5
4 3\4 12
5 12.5
5 1\4 13
5 1/2 14
5 3\4 14.5
6 15


Existing Horse Bits Sizes and Measurements

The measures of an existing horse-bit size for your horse which wears a horse or put on your horses head-collar and with someone holding them get a piece of string approximately 9 inches long. Gently pressing on the bars of their mouth and when they open carefully holding the string at both ends insert into the mouth to where the bit should sit up at the corners of the mouth, move your fingers to where the bit rings will go, then keeping hold of the string remove it from the horse’s mouth and mark on the string where you were holding it, you now need to allow quarter to half an inch to this measurement to allow for the bit to sit clear of the lips and corners and then measure the total distance.


Fitting A Horse Bit

The shape and size of the horse’s mouth and type of bit chosen will need to be carefully considered to ensure that the bit’s action will be able to work effectively and be comfortable for the horse to wear.

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