Types of Bradoon Bits and their Features!

Stainless steel bradoon bits rings

Bradoon Bits

The bradoon bit looks similar to a horse snaffle bit but has smaller rings than a normal snaffle bit and a thinner mouthpiece than a regular mouthpiece, this is because it forms one of two bits that are going to go inside the horse’s mouth.

Types for Bradoon Bits

There are several variations to bradoon bits:

Single Link bradoon bits – A single link horse bits give the bit a nutcracker effect on the horse tongue.

Double Link bradoon bits – Double links such as a french link cause two separate points of pressure over each link as well as from the central link unit of the bit as well.

Straight Bar bradoons  Mullen Mouth bradoon bits – A straight, slightly curved mouthpiece that lies across the tongue will provide even pressure

Eggbutt bradoon Ring bits – The rings of the bradoon are fixed helping the horse bit to stay fairly still in the horse’s mouth, these horse friendly bradoon ring bits often suits horses with very light, sensitive mouths.

Loose Ring bradoon bits – Loose ring bradoons help the bit to remain mobile in the horse’s mouth, encouraging the horse to relax their jaw and not take hold of the bit.So high quality loose racing ring bits will comfort your horse while riding the horse.

Baucher bradoon Bits – The  Baucher bradoon or hanging snaffle bits allows extra poll pressure to be applied on a horse.

The Curb bradoon bits

good quality curb bit encouraged the horse to flex at the poll and activates pressure points within the chin groove, bars of the mouth and poll.

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