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Curb Bits

The curb bits encourages the horse to flex at the poll and activates pressure points within the chin groove, bars of the mouth and poll.

The Curb Bits Mouthpieces

Curved Mouthpiece – allows even pressure to be applied inside the mouth and more room for the tongue, this type of bit can be useful for horses with sensitive bars, due to the distribution of pressure.

Ported Mouthpiece – Allows more room the tongue and will also affect the roof of the mouth when curb rein applied.

Curb Bit Cheeks

Sliding Cheek – The sliding cheek allows the mouthpiece to move up and down and is a great bit for horses prone to leaning or becoming fixed in the mouth.

Fixed Cheek bits – horse bit with fixed cheek curb will remain fairly still inside the horse’s mouth and is a great horse bit for horses who are very light in the horse mouth or prone to going behind the vertical.

Fitting Bits

The horse bits must fit correctly fit to enable the horse to successfully perform best. Each horse mouth is unique and the type of mouthpiece of horse bits and cheeks pieces chosen must reflect the horses individually way of going.

The horse curb bits should sit a quarter to a half an inch lower in the horse mouth than the bradoon bits which sit in the corners of horse mouth again just wrinkling the corners of the horse mouth, the curb chains are then fitted into the chin groove of the horse .

The curb chain acts when the pressure to the curb rein is applied, causing pressure to be applied to the chin groove in combination with pressure to the poll, the longer the shank of the bit the more severe the pressure.

When fitting a curb chain it must have all the links smooth and lying flat and when pressure is applied to the rein the shank of the Weymouth should be at a 45-degree angle to the mouth. If the mouthpiece of the curb has a high port then the roof of the mouth will also be affected.

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