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Custom Made horse bits

As you know well A&S is a most famous name for custom made horse bits manufacture due to his top-quality horse bits and its vast range of more than 1000 Articles in horse bits. The majority of riders and their horses are happy with a standard bit.

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However, sometimes market or customers demand custom made horse bits there is the need for something a little different which is not a problem in this modern period.  A&S known as one of the foremost custom bit manufacturers, Our Special team can make a bit to your specifications. Whether it is a standard bit in a non-standard size, a recreation of your special and favorite bits in stainless steel or favorite bits in German silver, favorite bits in Copper or something to correct an unusual problem, A&S can accommodate all requests. A&S‘s team made easy to satisfied customers for the Horse bits shop keepers, Horse bits distributors, Horse bits wholesalers to provide the horse bits market requirements. We expect that you can guide your customers for the next step to measure the horse’s mouth. This is a crucial aspect of fitting the correct bit.

Using a bit measure or straight rod, put it in the horse’s mouth and lift it to the correct place in the horse mouth, and just mark the bar on both sides outside the lip crease. Current measurements can then be used to determine the size of the bit required. The bit sizes will different depends on the type of mouthpiece required. Most horses are fitted with bits that are too tight and this just adds more pressure points in the mouthpieces. With a fixed mouthpiece bit the size required is the measured size only, and with the single break mouth bits and double break bits, this should be the measured size plus 10 mm to take into account the set.

In addition to this add 5mm in a horse bit if the bit has loose ring cheekpieces. Nothing additional needs to be added for fixed cheekpieces for a horse bit. Once you established the mouthpiece and the width of the mouthpiece for a horse bit, then you have to select/establish the shanks and cheekpieces in which the cheekpiece would be suitable. This is dictated to by various things including the discipline the rider is participating in and the skill level of the rider.

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