Different Types of Horse Bits and their Material

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Types of Tack Bits | Different Types of Horse Bits

Different types of horse bits Materials:

Stainless Steel:Stainless steel tack bits Long lasting and silver in appearance.

Cupro Nickel And German Silver

Cupro Nickel And German Silver tack bits Light gold in color, the taste encourages the horse to relax and salivate.


Copper tack bits causes the horse to relax and salivate in its mouth due to the warming nature of the metal.

Sweet Iron

Sweet iron bits give your horse a sweet pleasant taste in the horse mouth and encourages salivation in mouth.

Rubber and Plastic

Rubber and Plastic bits are gentle and flexible in design.

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| Different Types of Horse Bits Explanations

Stainless steel horse bits,

stainless steel horse bits being strong and durable,there are different types of horse bits in Stainless steel range. Asad and sons use good material that is used to make bits. Stainless steel bits are most popular among people in the horse world. Also, bits made of stainless steel are almost cheap and easy to produce as compared to other metals. The name “stainless” implies that it’s resistant to rust. For some bits, like Sweet Iron bits, Blue bits, Black/browning bits, rusting is normal and won’t harm the horse. If a stainless steel bit does begin to rust, then you need to throw it out and purchase a new horse bit. Besides these facts, stainless steel also has its drawbacks. Along with this, stainless steel is tasteless and fairly plain. For horses that are picky or have sensitive mouths, it probably isn’t the best option to encourage them to relax into the rider’s hands. This metal warms up extremely slowly, meaning that cold weather entails either waiting on the bit to warm up or putting a cold bit in the horse’s mouth.To control the price we have made good tack range specially stainless steel horse bits with titanium horse bits material mixup.

Copper Bits For Horses

Copper Bits For Horses the mouthpiece of a bit is made with copper because of its advantages for the mouth of the horses. The copper content has been reduced slightly so there is still enough to maintain the production of saliva. Copper bits warms up very quickly as compared to stainless steel horse bits, copper horse bits has a taste that some horses find enjoyable and happy. Copper increases salivation in the horse’s mouth, which increases sensitivity, softness, and comfort for the horse mouth. On the bad side, copper is softer and wears more quickly than other metals. Thus, it is often mixed with other metals to prevent corrosion.

Sweet Iron Horse Bits

In sweet iron bits there are different types of tack bits.Horse Bits made from “sweet iron” are, surprisingly, intended to oxidize or rust. Sweet iron bits are often looked down on cosmetically. This is a mix of iron and copper, sweet iron bits often only have the mouthpieces made of this mixture. Similar to copper, sweet iron gives off a sweet taste as it rusts on the mouthpiece, which encourages the horses to salivate and have a softer mouth. After a few uses of sweet irons bits, it will begin to look a rusty bit. In the case of this bit, it’s a perfectly normal thing. The only thing to watch for is flaking. If the rust begins to come off of the bit in flakes, it could potentially harm the mouth of a horse. Higher priced sweet iron bits are less likely to flake than lower-priced bits though, so it would be wise to be suspicious of sweet iron bits that are extremely low-priced Sweet Iron Horse Bits.please visit our website to see the full range and different types of tack bits for your store.Adding rollers or any type of link to a Copper Bits for horse with sweet iron it become more atractive and beautiful.

Titanium Bits For Horses 

Titanium Horse bits, Titanium also correlates to horse health and increased performance. Titanium horse bits are becoming popular especially in horse bits technology. The horse produces an abundant volume of saliva, which helps to relax the neck muscles and thus inspires acceptance. Smooth to the touch, each bit will surprise you with its extreme lightness, even though it is made of pure solid titanium: the optimum choice to provide the best conditions for strength, performance, and beauty. The advantages to titanium bits are thanks to the warmth it produces. Stainless steel bits weighing double compared to titanium bits, Titanium bits are lightweight bits and sue to its lightness it makes it very comfortable for your horse and soft for horses with sensitive mouths. Titanium bits helped him with a challenging Dutch warmblood that was hard to collect and put in a frame. Range of rubber, stainless steel, happy mouth, and a bit fewer options but none have made a difference like the titanium bits have. Titanium bits are very expensive due to their unique functions and strangeness.To control the price we have made good tack range specially stainless steel horse bits with titanium horse bits material mixup.we are specialist in titanium horse bits.


Aluminum Bits For Horses 

While still used to Aluminum bits, it isn’t a favorite bit metal among people in the horse world. Although it’s lightweight and inexpensive, aluminum tends to dry out the mouth of a horse, when the intended effect of a bit is to encourage the horse to salivate. This can cause frustration for the rider and some discomfort for the horse too.

Rubber Mouth Bits For Horses

Horse bits made of Rubber are often made with a thin metal core covered in thick vulcanized “ore durable” rubber. Horses with sensitive mouths might appreciate a rubber bit compared to a metal horse bit as it is softer on the corners of the mouth. However, rubber bits can also cause discomfort for a horse. Some of these bits are too thick to rest comfortably in the mouth. Also, the rubber will produce more friction in a horse mouth, causing a sore mouth if pulled too can visit ours website to see different Types of tack Bits in the range of rubber mouth horse bits.

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