Double Bridle Bits

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The double bridle is composed of two horse bits, a small snaffle bit called a bradoon and 2nd a curb bit. The two-horse bits work together to offer the rider more control on a horse, however, the double bits should only be used by an experienced rider and when the horse’s level of training warrants double bridle use.


Double Bridle Bits Action

Poll, Chin Groove, Corners, Bars, Tongue, Roof of the mouth

Fitting Bits For A Double Bridle

The bradoon bit always sits like a horse snaffle bit would in the corners of the horses mouth just causing one to two wrinkles with the curb positioned 1/4 to 1/2 and inch below, so that it will still act upon the bars of the horse mouth and so that the horse curb chain will still act upon the horse chin groove. When putting a horse bit on a double bridle ensure that the bradoon bit lies in front of the horse curb bits as you put it into the horse’s mouth as this will help both bits to position themselves correctly within the mouth of a horse.

Double Bridle Bits Curb and Bradoon

There are a number of materials can be used for manufacture ring Double Bridles Bits but it should be noted that both the bradoon bits and curb bits should be made of the same material to use for a horse :


Copper horse bits – copper bits are warm bits and copper can help encourage salivation in horse mouth.

Rubber – Rubber bits are soft in the horse’s mouth and many horses with sensitive mouths relax their jaws.

Stainless Steel horse bits – stainless steel bits are very durable bits and very famous bits the majority of horses go very well in them.

Curb and Bradoon Bit Sizes

Curb bits and bradoon bits are available in the same standard sizes of bits as the most other bits are and are measured between the mouthpiece rings or cheeks pieces, usually ranging in different sizes of bits from 3, 3.5, 4, 4 1/4, 4.5, 4 3/4, 5, 5 1/4, 5.5, 5 3/4 and 6 inches.


Uses Of Double Bridle Bits

Double bridles are used for showing and elementary dressage upwards. Double bridles can also be used for showjumping and cross country however it takes an experienced rider to successfully and correctly use two sets of horse reins.

Double Bridle Horse Bits

The bridle consists of a cavesson noseband, browband, headpiece, slip head that attaches to the curb bit, curb chain, cheek pieces that attach to the bradoon, two sets of horse reins that are ideally different thicknesses from each other or a different style such as plain or laced.

Single Link horse bits – A single link bits give the bit a nutcracker effect on the horse tongue.

Double Link – Double links such as a french link cause two separate points of pressure over each link as well as from the central link unit of the bit as well.

Straight Bar/ Mullen Mouth – A straight, slightly curved mouthpiece that lies across the tongue will provide even pressure

Eggbutt Ring bits – rings of the bradoon bits are fixed helping the bit to stay fairly still in the horse’s mouth, this type of bradoon bits often suits horses with very light and sensitive mouths.

Loose Rings – Loose ring bradoons help the bit to remain mobile in the horse’s mouth, encouraging the horse to relax their jaw and not take hold of the bit.

Baucher bits – The Baucher bradoon bits or hanging snaffle bits allow extra poll pressure to be applied on a horse.


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