Fly Veils/Bonnets


fly veil bonnet

Fly Veil Bonnet

Fly Veil Bonnet are crochet with Lycra elastic ears are lightweight and durable.

Great for riding and turnout!

Significantly reduces the amount of bugs around the face and ears.

Sure to provide great protection while maintaining your horse’s visibility.

This fly veil bonnet will keep away those pesky flying insects.

Will aid in a safer and more productive ride.

Croatia made fly veil bonnet, Durable and stylish, Cool and comfortable for horse.
Smooth front panel that you can monogram. Available in Pony, Cob and, Full sizes

All the Images displayed are for illustration we make same products for our Buyers.

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We know how bothersome flies can be, but at least we can swat them away.

Horses have very little defense against these pesky insects.

Keep your horse happy and healthy by protecting their ears from irritating flies.
FANCIER AND THICKER: A step up from the other Fly Veils, these ones feature a fancy tasseled design and thicker construction.

They are still cool and lightweight on the horse but feature increased durability and exceptional style.
ADORABLE CROCHET DESIGN: Your horse will look super stylish with this all crochet design.

It’s made to be lightweight and comfortable for the horse to wear, as well as a useful defense against flies.

The only part that is not crochet are the ears for maximum protection.
EVERYTHING BUT THE HORSE: For over 20 years, ASAD AND SONS has been the leading global manufacturer and distributor of products for horse and rider.

We strive to provide quality products at reasonable prices with superior customer service.

Fancy Crochet Fly Veil with Noise Reducing Ears.

color = red

rope color = black

The scalloped edge Crochet fly veil is perfect for keeping the flies off the face and out of the noise reducing ears while riding and driving.

The ears are made of Lycra.

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