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Asad & Sons is a well- known Horse Tack Manufacturer and Supplier in all over the world.

Definition of Horse tack is any equipment used to ride a horse, such as horse saddles, horse girths, horse cinches, horse bits, saddle pads, stirrups irons, horse bridles, and horse martingales.

Define: We can also say the definition of ”horse tack is the stuff you put on your horses”.

The world “Tack” is a short form of “tackle.” Tack is a term that brings up to all the equipment used for horse, we can also say Tack is the term used specifically for the horse equipment, horse tack includes many other things and largely consists of the harness and horse bridle of a driven horse. All these things come in the horse tack including horse saddles, stirrup leathers, horse girths, stirrup irons, horse bridles, horse bits, horse halters, surcingle and more. An appurtenance to horse saddles, and horse harnesses, being ridden or handled, all manner of attendant equestrian items relate to the care of the horses referred to colloquially as horse equipment, including horse saddles (horse numnah, saddle pads), horse bridles (horse headpieces), horse bits, horse rugs, horse Blankets, horse clippers, horse stirrups and even equestrian horse clothing all are related to horse tack accessories.

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A&S has a very good grip in the field of horse tack and providing modern Equestrian tack. Traditionally most of the items of horse equipment are made of leather and stainless steel material. However, we are manufacturing modern equestrian equipment which is a very lightweight tack and a very comfortable horse tack for the horses. Different materials are now used for the horse tack.

Finding the top horse tack manufacturer or horse tack suppliers can be challenging and is it very hard to find top manufacturing brands of horse tack for your horse stores but A&S is here to help you providing the wide range of horse tack with different standard series in A+ super fine quality and A fine Quality and getting a famous name as a horse tack manufacture or horse tack suppliers for bulk quantities and fulfilling the needs of modern horse tack stores and the best brands of Equestrian tack in the whole world.

A&S is a very famous manufacturer in the equestrian world, supplying different top names of horse tack all around the world including the United States to England, Germany, and Italy and beyond. we are making a wide range of high-quality equestrian equipment and we working hard to control the price and costs with the best quality of horse tack. we offer the best price for all premier horse tack items, and it comes in different styles suited for both schooling tack and show Equestrian tack. Whether you’re competitive is form the field of horse hunting, horse jumping, horse Equestrian tack eventing or horse dressage rider or simply enjoy horse leisure riding you’ll find all the tack you’ll need to enter the ring or hit the trails from our factory.

We have a lot of efforts to find experienced riders to tests our manufactured equestrian tack equipment after any type of innovations in the horse tack, we have good feedback from our buyers and hand selects the best horse tack, we worked very hard to offer the best price With a wide range of English tack, you are sure to find everything you need to fill your horse tack store or shop, even it can be horse bridles, horse bits, horse Blankets, horse saddles, halters, horse saddle pads or numnah or whatever your customer demands for custom horse equipment or trendy horse equipment. Whether your customer is a dressage rider, eventer, hunter/jumper or just a casual rider, we have wholesale tack range for Equestrian tack stores and tack shops.

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