Looking for the Best Horse Bits? Choose Asad&Sons Manufacturer!

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Looking for the Best Horse Bits?

Choose Asad & Sons Best Horse Bits Manufacturer / Supplier !

Finding new horse bits for your horse can be challenging and is it very hard to find top brands of bits today but A&S is here to help you! Whether you are a casual rider or a seasoned competitor, A&S supports you to choose your unique bits and different sizes and unique styles. Snaffle varieties are the most commonly used. English bits and Western bits are horse bits used in riding. The bits are placed in the mouth of a horse, attached to the check pieces of a bridle, and are used as one means of communication between horse and rider. We understand that it’s important to find a bit that fits correctly; therefore, all our bits are eligible for all types of horses with customization in all types of bits style and sizes or as per your requirement.

Our company is well equipped with modern machinery and technology. We have a powerful and skilled set up to fulfill all the requirements and demands in time.

Horse Bits

Bits allow the rider to communicate with the horse as to direction, bend, pace, speed, amount of engagement and give general overall control.

There are five main types of bit and they all affect the horse in different ways by acting on different areas of the horse’s head.

Whichever bit is chosen, the horse’s level of training must also be considered along with any past injuries or sensitivities in the mouth itself.

Horse Bit Safety

The bits that you are using must not only be the right size for your horse they must also be in good working order. Old bits can easily obtain wear and tear such as sharp edges and particular attention should be given to rubber bits which due to their soft chew ability often suffer.

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