Half Cheek Bits

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 snaffle half cheek bit with stainless steel

baucher snaffle bit with stainless steel

French link Half cheek bit with copper mouth piece

Half cheek baucher bit with French link

Half cheek baucher snaffle bit mouth piece made of copper

Half Cheek Bit with Black Rubber Snaffle

Half cheek bit with French link german silver

Half cheek bit with lozenge made of german silver

Half cheek comfort snaffle bit with single barrel

Half cheek snaffle bit with stainless steel

Half cheek/baucher bit with French link

Half cheek/baucher comfort snaffle bit

Hanging cheek baucher bit /Half cheek/ with French link

Hanging cheek baucher bit with mullen mouth piece

Hanging cheek baucher snaffle bit with rubber mouth piece

Hanging cheek snaffle bit with mouth piece german silver

Hanging cheek/Half cheek/baucher mullen bit german silver