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Definition of Horse tack is any equipment used to ride a horse, such as horse saddle, horse girth, equestrian gloves, horse cinches, horse bridles, and horse martingales. We can also say the definition of “equine tack” is the stuff you put on your horses.we are best tack suppliers.

The world “Tack” is a short form of “tackle.” Tack is a term that brings up to all the equipment used for horse, we can also say Tack is the term used specifically for the horse equipment, horse tack includes many other things and largely consists of the harness and horse bridle of a driven horse. All these things come in the equine tack including horse saddles, horse stirrup leathers, horse girths, horse stirrup irons, horse bridles, horse bits, horse halters, surcingle and more. An appurtenance to horse saddles, and horse harnesses, being ridden or handled, all manner of attendant equestrian items relate to the care of the horses referred to colloquially as horse tack, including horse saddles (horse numnahs horse saddle pads), horse bridles (horse headpieces), horse bits, horse rugs, horse Blankets, horse clippers, horse stirrups and even equestrian horse clothing all are related to equine tack. We are supplying comfortable equestrian tack and friendly Equestrian tack to different tack brands, equine tack stores, we are covering horse tack shops, premium horse tack, wholesale tack stores in Europe wholesale tack stores, Quality tack distributors in Europe and USA, wholesale tack shops and wholesale equine tack shops we have good grip in tack supplies,

A&S has a very good grip in the field of equine tack and providing modern horse tack. Traditionally most of the items of equine tack are made of leather and stainless steel material. However, we are manufacturing modern tackle which is a very lightweight tack and very comfortable horse tack for the horses. Different materials are now used for the equine tack. equestrian tack equipment, wholesale horse tackle equipment, tack equipment, beautiful tack, equestrian tack and tack equestrian wholesale tack. Asad and sons equestrian equipment has the range of brass tack, stainless steel tack, copper tack, equestrian tack suppliers, equestrian tack stores you can find equestrian tack stores near me and ask if they can change your horse life healthy and comfortable with affordable price equine tack suppliers. Equine tack store

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Finding the top quality tack manufacturer can be challenging and is it very hard to find top manufacturing brands of horse tack for your horse stores but A&S is here to help you providing the wide range of best tack suppliers with different standard series in A+ super fine quality and A fine Quality and getting a famous name as a equine tack manufacture for bulk quantities and fulfilling the needs of modern tack stores and the best brands of equestrian tack in the whole world.

So it’s final this For horse tack you need not worried about to find equine tack supplier or cheap price tack suppliers because we are the equine Tack Manufacturers and wholesale tackle range and providing luxury horse tack with the cheapest prices. Cheap tack and quality tack is available in affordable and best equine tack range.

A&S is a very famous manufacturer in the equestrian world, supplying different top names of horses tack suppliers all around the world including the United States to England, Germany, and Italy and beyond. we are making a wide range of high-quality horse tacks and we working hard to control the price and costs with the best quality of tackle. We offer the best price for all premier tack suppliers, and it comes in different styles suited for both schooling equine tack and show the best tack. Whether you’re competitive is form the field of horse hunting, horse jumping, horse eventing or horse dressage rider or simply enjoy horse leisure riding you’ll find all the tack you’ll need to enter the ring or hit the trails from our factory. We have a lot of efforts to find experienced riders to tests our manufactured horses tack equipment after any type of innovations in the horses tack, we have good feedback from our buyers and hand selects the best horse tack, we worked very hard to offer the best price With a wide range of English tack, you are sure to find everything you need to fill your tack store or shop, even it can be horse bridles, horse bits, horse Blankets, horse saddles, halters, horse saddle pads or numnahs or whatever your customer demands for custom tack or trendy tack. Whether your customer is a dressage rider, eventer, hunter/jumper or just a casual rider, we have wholesale tack range for equine tack stores and tack shops.

Horses Tack Categories

There are different categories of horse tack it’s very vast world and cannot explain in some pages here but for the concepts and supporting new riders and tack storekeepers, as there are many Horse things to discuss here including horse Training Equipment but we are writing some of them. Some types of horse tack categories are English Horses Tack, English Horses Tack, Western Tack, westerns horse Equipment, Draft Horses Tack, Driving Tack, Draft Horse Driving Tack,


baroque bits, Baucher bits, Beval bits,   Broken 2 Rings Gag Bits,   Broken Bits,   Butterfly Bits,   D Ring BitsDutch Gag BitsChinfney BitsEnglish bitsFlat Ring BitsFull Cheek BitsHackamore ShanksHackamoresHalf Cheek Bits, Horse Bits ChainsHungarian Lace BitsIn Hand Show BitsKimblewick Bits,   Liverpool BitsMilitary BitsOrnamented Portuguese BitsPelham Bits Ring BitsShoe horse bitsSnaffle BitsSpanish bitsUniversal bits,   Western Bits,   Weymouth BitsWilkie BitsWilson Driving Snaffle Bit Double Ring 

English Horse Tack

Asad and Sons are providing tack range for the English riders too. We are in the list of the top manufacturer for English tack, dressage, hunters, jumpers, eventing, or casual riding. English horse tack from straps or breastplates, to snaffle bits or horse bridles is offered in a wide range of English tack with different styles and sizes. English tack for sale comes with the A&S 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. Search and select with confidence from our wide range or send us the pictures or patterns of unique horses tack and special English tack get the high-quality tack equipment for your stores we will serve you with affordable prices and the best quality as we have no compromise with quality to earn the name of best English tack manufacture and supplier.

Western Tack or Westerns Horse Equipment

We have the largest selection of western tack. We are serving to tack stores with Western-style for the western horse, Western saddles, Western tack; Western bits are all parts of the Western ridings. Western horse saddles come in different and unique styles from barrel racing, trail or endurance. Western tack includes equipment like Western bridles and Western headstalls, Western saddle pads, Western hackamores or western reins. Horse bits come in a multitude and different styles for Western horses, Western snaffle bits, Western Roller or Western horse Dogbone bits to suit the particular needs of the horse or rider. Western horse, horse saddles, horse tack suppliers or Western horse equipment are available in quality only from the top manufacturer of Western-style tack Asad and sons. Western tack comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from us. If you are looking for western horse equipment supplier or horses tack supplier always ask for the samples to test the quality to reach the right place!

Horse Training Equipment with our Industry

Training Equipment or Training Tack can be used specifically for training purposes both ridden and on the lunge too. There is the name: Draw horse reins, Running Horse reins, Side horse reins, Market Harborough, De Gogue, and Chambon horse.

Draft Horse Driving Tack

Draft Tack used for driving horses and ponies. Driving Tack includes the harness, bridle, driving bit and driving vehicle all of which vary slightly according to the type of vehicle and horse, nature of the driving and type and temperament of the horses. We are the best range for the Draft Tack experienced team manufacturing Draft horse Tack for decades. Many of well-named stores in Europe and the USA are getting our productions and appreciating our innovations against the draft horses tack techniques. We are using top quality material for the driving tack and the draft tack.we are quality tack suppliers.

Draft Horse Tack

Draft Tack for horse driving and draft horses includes the best quality of bridle, strong horse bit for driving purpose and harness which varies according to the type of horse that is being used, the type of driving and carriage, horse buggy or plough and for what purpose a show harness will be different from that for horse racing.

Draft Horse Harness,

Horse harnesses vary depending on their use and the type of horse that it is to be used on, for example, show harness, horse carriage harness, racing harness, draft or plow harness.

Collars – A collar is the main apparatus that the horse uses to push against in order to pull the carriage. A horse collar can be either a full padded collar or a full padded breast collar for a draft horse. Best Padded Collar and a thick padded collar that encircles the base of the draft horses’ neck. Full padded horse collars are used for draft horses and for pulling larger loads and carriage. Breast collar is a wide padded strap that looks similar in design to that of a breastplate used for ridden work. The breast collar goes around the front of the upper chest at the base of the neck, with straps sitting just in front of the horses’ withers. Breast collars are used more for carriage and sleighs in the field of horse tack.

Hames Used in conjunction with a full padded collar, it is the hames that take the main pulling force. Hames can be made of different metal or wooden and curve around the padded collar for the draft horses and carriage driving.

Traces Straps Or Chains – The traces are broad straps or chains used to pull the weight of the load in conjunction with the hames. The traces are attached to the hames on the collar and then onto the main weight being pulled such as the carriage cart.

Rein Terrets is a small metal loop through which the horse reins pass. The Terrets are positioned at the top of the horse saddle pad and also at the side of the bridle on horse driving teams or horse carriage team.

Draft horse Reins this is also a very important part of the carriage driving and for the draft horses to control and order. More explain long thin strap attaching to the horse tack bit in the horse mouth that is used by the driver to control the horse and indicate direction.

Crupper has its own role in draft horses tack. A crupper in the events, that the harness and surcingle can be a slip, which can occur if the horses’ confirmation has low withered and round barrels, a crupper can be used there. Crupper attaches to the back parts of the surcingle or to the back straps of the draft horses tack and travels along with the horses back to the tail where it loops under the dock. You have to Careful about fitting which will help ensure that if the harness or surcingle should slip forward or move then the crupper will come into action.

Brasses for the draft horse tacks this is a decorative ornament those are often hung around the horse’s chest for decoration horse tack. Tugs are Leather straps from the surcingle which attach to the horse carriage shafts. Back Band, it’s a broad strap that attaches to the horse saddle pad to keep the harness in position; the crupper is attached to the back band. Breaching Strap is a leather strap going around the back of the horse’s hindquarters and over the rump which is attached to the shafts and allows the horse to slow down or stop the vehicle. Loin Strap attaches to back straps and breeching straps keeping the breaching strap apparatus in his position. Surcingle when a light harness is used the horse saddle and horse girth which sits around the main trunk of the horse is known as the surcingle. The saddle is the main part of the horse tack. The area of the harness that sits on the uppermost part of the horse’s back. And where a horse saddle sits. It is at the top of the horse saddle that the rein turrets sit, through which the horse reins pass.

Horse driving Girth or carriage girth is a broad strap that goes under the horses’ girth area and attaches to the back band of the harness. Belly Band strap that runs underneath the horse alongside the girth and prevents the shafts from rising up. Draft Horse Bridle and Driving Horse Bridles The bridle is essentially similar to that of a traditional English bridle with the addition of the blinkers and blinker stay which help to maintain the horse attention in a forward direction. Blinkers or Winkers are positioned at the side of the bridle at eye level and are used to keep the horses looking forward. Winker Stay is a leather strap that attaches to the top of each blinker the center of the browband and on the headpieces, ensuring that the blinkers remain in his own position exactly. The browband is a leather strap that attaches to the headpiece of the bridle and goes around the front of the horse face just below the ears. The browband helps and supports the bridle to remain in position and allows attachment for the winker Stay.

The throatlatch is a long leather strap that forms part of the headpiece. The throatlatch goes under the horses’ jaw and helps the bridle to remain in position. Noseband – The noseband sits approximately one inch below the cheekbones and is often a cavesson. Head Piece The uppermost part of the bridle that sits across the poll of the horse and provides attachment for the browband, cheek pieces, noseband, and winker stay is called the headpiece of horse tack.we are quality tack suppliers.

Horse reins the horse reins attach to the bit in the mouth of the horse and travel through the rein Terrets on the horse saddle to the drivers’ hands for steering and control a horse. Driving horse reins are considerably longer than normal bridles used for riding and provide. The horse reins are often joined when driving teams to minimize the number of horse reins the driver has to hold. Rein Terrets In teams of driving horses a ring through which the horse reins will pass can be found on the outside of the bridle of the wheel horses, which is the horse closest to the carriage or cart, this is so that the horse reins can pass through from the driver to the lead horses.

Draft Horse Bits and the carriage bits are the most popular driving bits. In this category, the famous horse bits are the Liverpool bits, Butterfly bits, and Kimblewick bits or kimberwick bits as these offer several biting pressure points and different type of styles of driving bits and materials such as the poll and curb chain, although many horses and ponies in light harness may also be driven in snaffle bits. Horse Liverpool bits are One of the most popular driving bits it has several mouthpieces made of stainless steel, copper, brass, German silver. Liverpool bits contain different variations for the Liverpool shanks and contain different slots of Liverpool bits depends upon amounts of leverage control as well as the action of the curb chain. Horse Butterfly bits These bits also have several mouthpiece options with rings forming the shank to allow different leverage options for the horse driving and horse carriage. The Butterfly driving bit also has the addition of a curb chain for chin groove pressure. Kimblewick or kimberwick driving bits Kimblewick or kimberwick also have a fixed mouthpiece with several different mouthpiece options such as Mullen mouthpiece or jointed mouthpiece or Brocken mouthpiece. The Kimblewick or kimberwick cheeks can also have the addition of slot settings to allow for leverage control for the draft horse and there is also has a curb chain made of stainless steel or golden curb chain made of brass for chin groove pressure.we are quality tack suppliers.

Different types of Carriages – tack suppliers

There are several types of horse vehicles available in the market today that are used for carrying heavy loads or passengers such as for pleasure, show and competition purposes. The number of passengers each vehicle can take and the level of seating luxury will differ dramatically depending on the type of vehicle, with some only having seating for the driver and some having seating for several passengers such as is found on a wagon or horse cart.

Two-wheel horse carriage Theses are often light carriages that are pulled by one or two horses and can be either open or closed often with limited seating, such as found with a horse buggy used for horse racing or a light one-horse trap for horse leisure driving. While four-wheel is a larger vehicle usually pulled by two to four horses with more seating for passengers, these horse carriages can be either open or closed often with additional areas for drivers and footmen. Open carriage that does not have a roof that is often used as a summer recreational vehicle. The close carriage has a roof over the seating, enclosing its occupants inside. Folding Top carriage that has a hood that can be collapsed as required, such as found with the Barouche and some buggies. Vis a vis seating in this type of carriage allows the passengers to face one another.

Horseback Riding and Horse Caring

Horseback riding and caring for horses are key parts of our lives. Simply spending time with horses always has a wonderful experience. It is an easy and fun way to enjoy nature and appreciate the companionship of the horses. Our goal is to help you enjoy every moment with the horse very friendly and memorable. We provide you with the best assortment of quality horse products and accessories at an affordable price. We also provide you the custom sizes and the luxury horse tack. We take pleasure in helping you serve with the top quality for horse tack what you need to outfit your horses and your tack stores exactly.

Unique Horse and Fancy Horse Tack Suppliers

Now unique horse tack and fancy equestrian tack is also available with different sizes and styles in the range of different categories like draft horse, draft horse tack, English horse tack, western horse tack suppliers, training horse tack, carriage quality tack and driving tack our expert craftsman team wholesale tack manufacturers, handmade horse tack, horse tack accessories, tack accessories and different types of horse accessories

Equitation & Horsemanship

We are the top-ranking destination for competitive horse riding supplies and manufacturing. We carry a variety of products and accessories for horseback riding events. You’ll find all types of horse bits, tack suppliers for dressage, jumping tack, eventing tack, and much more! Perhaps you prefer western-style riding. We have the gear that your customers not only want. You have to put our new horse tack range to your store for full fill the need of your customers. Just go to our website and Find the horse tack! We specialize in tack suppliers in especially the bits. With the exception of metal or composite horse bits and stirrup irons, most tack is crafted from leather. However, almost every item can also be found in handmade materials and the best machinery work .you need not worry if it’s a Leather tack or a metal tack supplier. We are appreciated by many riders for its good working and the life of best tack suppliers especially for the inherent beauty, rich color, texture, and fine stitch detail. Leather promises great durability, but only when properly cared for with regular cleaning and conditioning with balanced leather care products specifically formulated for the task. Leather tack is available to suit all budgets, but it is generally more expensive than most synthetic horse tack which is an alternatives horse tack.

Synthetic Horse Tack

The range of synthetic horse tack is appreciated by some riders because it is economical, durable, exceptionally easy-care and lighter in weight than leather versions. A synthetic horse saddles virtually weatherproof, won’t scratch easily and can be cleaned with soap and water. A synthetic girth can simply be hosed off and hung to dry. A nylon halter can be soaked in soapy water and scrubbed with a brush. Some premium quality synthetic horse tack, however, is equal in the price of original leather and just as attractive as its leather counterpart. For example, if we made a premium neoprene dressage girth has a clean look suitable for competition and provides exceptional comfort to those horses that prefer it. And the same for the many of the protecting horse boots in all price points are constructed exclusively of handmade materials that offer excellent impact absorption, ventilation, and comfortable coverage.

Regardless of the type of English tack you choose for your tack store, you’ll need to determine the right size and material requirements from your customers and your tack market. Most other horse tracks, with a few anomalies, come in miniature size, pony size tack, cob size tack, and full-size tack, sometimes oversize horse tack and draft sizes. A&S specializes in offering tack for cob, oversize tack, including horse bits, stirrups irons, hackamore bits, spurs, saddles, horse saddle pads, bridles and many more in the production. Exact sizing between tack manufacturers varies, but generally, cob as a size borrows its name from the type of horse called cob. This is a sturdy, small horse with a large pony-like physique and a height of about 15 hands (which takes it out of the pony category). Cob sizing is typically well suited to smaller horse breeds such as the Morgan and Arabian, but it can also be a good fit for an individual of a larger horse breed but with small bones or a refined head. As a loose rule, cob sizing is generally appropriate for a horse weighing from 750 to 900 pounds.

Horse or full size generally fits average boned horses standing from about 15.1 hands to 16.1 hands and ranging in weight from about 900 to 1200 pounds as a loose rule. Oversize may be a great fit for horses standing 16.2 hands and above (but not a true draft breed) and weighing 1200 to 1600 pounds. It is possible that a shorter horse with a very large head, however, may be well suited to an oversize halter or bridle. Always possible custom sizes from Asad and sons. Exceptions to the cob, horse and oversize ranges include girths and stirrup leathers, which are sized according to lengths measured in inches or centimeters. Bits are offered in inches and centimeters that reflect the length of the mouthpiece depends on your market requirements, and some bits include measurements pertaining to the size of the cheeks or rings of the bit. Stirrup irons are offered in inches that reflect the width of the stirrup bar and are meant to provide clearance of the rider’s boot width. Whether if you’re looking for all the fittings (leathers, stirrups, girth), a bridle with horse reins and a bit, or a halter and lead, We are supplying equine tack all the most popular horse tack brands and stores in the world and we are confident that you will find exactly what you need for your horse tack and riding needs.

we are manufacturer for custom equine tack. as we are known as custom tack supplier & manufacturers and custom tack factory/house we are supplying equestrian tack in different and custom sizes to horse tack wholesalers, custom equine tack suppliers, custom horse tack feel free to drop an email to customer supports or direct to MD for any question and feedback we feel encouraged if you drop your feedback from your precious time against the equestrian tack article or about our best tack suppliers, equestrian tack range suggestion or want to join quality tack distributor with our productions. You will always find the attention and positive actions of our whole team.

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