Types of horse bits | Horse Bits Categories | Types Of Tack Bits

Types of Horse bits

Types of horse bits | Different Types Of Tack Bits

Different types of Horse bits categories are available in Asad and Sons Supplier and Merchandiser:

Horse Bits Categories | Different Horse Bits

There are many Types of horse bits. here we mentioned Horse Bits Categories and Types Of Tack Bits.

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Continental, D-Ring, Double Bridle ‘Bradoon, and Weymouth’, Eggbut, Full Cheek, Filet Baucher ‘Hanging Cheek’, Fulmer, Gag, Kimblewick, Loose Ring, Pee Wee, Pelham, Specialist, Sweet Iron, Copper Bits, Snaffle Bits, Pelham Bits, Double Bits, Gag Bits, Bitless Bits, and Fitting Bits. Information on how to size and fit different bits and considerations to bear in mind when choosing a bit.

Affects On Horses with Different Types of horse bits / Types Of Tack Bits

Corners Of The Mouth

The gag, pelham, double and snaffle bits such as the french link bit, all affect the corners of the horse’s mouth.

Bars Of The Mouth

Gag, curb, pelham, and snaffle, for example, an Eggbutt snaffle bit all rest upon the bars of the lower jaw in the area between the molars and the incisors.


Gag tongue, curb tongue, snaffle tongue, double tongue, and Pelham’s tongue, for example, jointed pelham bits all apply pressure to the upper surface of the horse’s tongue.

Side Of The Face

Snaffle bits, for example, Fulmer snaffle bits have protruding sides that can extend up and down the face and come into action when rein pressure is applied.

Chin Groove

The curb groove is situated at the base of the horse’s chin with bits such as pelhams and curbs that use a curb chain acting in this area.

Horses Nose

Bitless, for example, the Hackamore applies pressure to the front of the horse’s nose. Certain nose bands such as the Kineton noseband can also be used in conjunction with a bit to apply nose pressure.


Gag or Curb, for example, a Balding gag. The pressure is applied to the horse’s poll via the headpiece on the bridle. This type of pressure occurs when a bit such as a curb bit, pelham or gag is used.

Roof Of Mouth

A bit with a ported mouthpiece, for example, a high port correction bit, will affect the roof of the horse’s mouth.

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